Ways of Escape


Life isn’t simple when you’re constantly on the move. Ways of Escape looks at the nature of travel, the meaning of love and what happens when we’re trying to find ourselves.Bella is happy living in London and working in advertising until she meets Ed, a travel journalist, on a blind date. Against all the odds they fall in love, and a whirlwind of adventures begin, from Cape Town to Copenhagen, from the Seychelles to the Swiss Alps, via Kenya and Vienna.

Being a travel writer’s girlfriend is all very well, but Bella has ambitions of her own. When she applies for a transfer to the New York office of her agency, Ed hits the roof.

Soon Bella is facing big decisions: not only about her career, but about the sacrifices she’s willing to make for love. Things aren’t helped by the re-appearance of Ben, the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart in New York nearly a decade before.Bella thought she was over Ben, but suddenly she’s not so sure…

A travel and love story for the 21st century, Ways of Escape is a literary romance set in the world of journalism and luxury globetrotting. It chronicles the highs and lows of love on the road, and asks: why are we all looking for ways of escape? And when is it time to stop running?