England’s Lane

Well chaps, it’s only a few days to go until *publication day* of my new novel England’s Lane, a.k.a this year’s Scorching Summer Read! I’m excited and delighted for the book to finally hit the shelves and hope you will beg, borrow, steal – I mean ORDER – your copy right away. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the sparkling reviews/interviews already, and watch out for more radio/press promo over the next few weeks. Here’s a sneak preview.

Three voices, three lives, three broken hearts…

Lily: Caught in a complicated love affair with an older man, fighting against her feelings. Until the day he takes it too far…

Pippa: Struggling with a midlife crisis and trying to make sense of a marriage based on lies… How will she rebuild her life after Harry?

Harry: Torn between two women, depressed and hopelessly in love, he can only see one way out… But what will he leave behind?

England’s Lane is a tale of betrayal and forgiveness, family and friendship, loss and redemption. A painful but powerful modern love story, it explores the cost of marital infidelity and the challenges of single motherhood, the legacy of suicide and the healing power of love.

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England’s Lane

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