‘Memoir of the Year 2018’ (An Apple a Day)

“I had no preconceptions about this book. I knew nothing about it, had no idea that the author was the great niece of Virginia Woolf and in fact, I cannot even remember where I purchased it. I simply remember picking it up somewhere earlier in the year and thinking that the blurb sounded interesting and it would be a good fit for my mental illness category of book bingo. Thank goodness I did, it took my breath away, left me crying several times and made me wish I lived in England so I could track Emma down, give her a big hug and tell her “you’ve got this” (in a non stalker kind of way).

This is a tell-all, warts and all exposure of Emma’s battle with anorexia. She wrote the book after writing about her battle in The Times newspaper and it’s raw. It opened my eyes to anorexia and why it is so misunderstood. Healing herself must have been hard enough, but to do it in such a public fashion must have taken courage beyond belief. I take my hat off to you Emma for sharing your journey in such a well written, humble, helpful and non judging manner.

You don’t need to be suffering from a food obsession, or have a loved one who is, to understand or enjoy this book. You just simply need to read it. In fact, I’m declaring it my memoir of the year for 2018 🍏🍫” (Katie)

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‘One day I was faced with a choice – to die or to live – and I am glad I made the right one…’

Sometimes I forget about ‘An Apple a Day’ and then I get a message like this from a reader. It plunges me back into all that, and some days it can be painful as well as uplifting… Anyway, it means so much if one’s books have made a difference. Thought I’d share her beautiful words:

Hi @emmawoolf I read your book An Apple A Day and I just want to say thank you!❤ I’ve spent years battling depression and anorexia, and even now, when I am much better, I still have an eating disorder mindset. Unfortunately it’s not easy to get over. Your book is amazing, thank you for speaking up, saying all the things no one is saying, acknowledging that this is a life-threatening disorder. For all the times when I felt alone and utterly misunderstood, your words made me feel less alone. I never thought I will get better and live a life without fear of food. But one day I was faced with a choice – to die or to live, and I am glad I made the right one. Thank you so much, you are extremely talented, your words are beautiful! I wish you to always be this strong, to be healthy and never give up! Life is beautiful, if we would only let it be ❤ Lyuba Stoeva